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Living the Dream 
I was raised in Canoga Park, by hardworking immigrant parents who believed dearly in the American Dream. I was the first in my family to attend Pierce College and went on to graduate from UC Berkeley. I earned an MA in Educational Administration at CSUN and worked as a teacher and school administrator for over 20 years.

I have been active in the real estate market since 2002 when I bought my first condo in a run-down building in a "less than desirable" neighborhood. I was a single-income teacher at the time and my long search got me hooked on real estate! I later purchased rental income properties and rehabbed homes. They were still in undesirable neighborhoods, but I was determined to work my way up.

I decided to leave the security of a job with benefits to pursue real estate full time. It gives me the flexibility to be involved in my daughter's daily activities and I still do something I love. Buying and selling real estate became a "hobby" for me and my husband Mike. It's how I met and fell in love with him. For me, next to education, construction and finding a home are the most fundamental human activity. Although I am new to the real estate profession, I am a quick learner and have a history of thinking outside the box. As a school principal I was the first in the San Fernando to cover the school into an affiliated charter school. I have a full understanding of real estate law and understand how to make the most of real estate investments. 

Investing in Real Estate and looking for a home go hand in hand. Whether you are just starting out with your first home purchase or you are a seasoned player in the market, I can assist you in the process. Even if you just want to hear another opinion, please reach out.

When I am not busy at work I enjoy playing with my toddler Micaela, volunteering in schools, dog walks, marathons, visiting far away places on my bike, Salsa dancing, and wishing I could write like John Steinbeck.

Thank you for reading to the END! You are my kind of reader :) I look forward to working with you to fulfill your real estate needs.  

Susana Gomez
Susana Gomez

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